Cargo Management Solutions for Your Pickup with a Gooseneck Hitch

Optimizing cargo management with your gooseneck hitch comes with some challenges. If you’ve been searching for a cargo management solution that is compatible with your gooseneck, you probably know just how few options there are on the market.

In this article, we will explore common issues associated with hauling cargo when you have a gooseneck hitche, the struggle to find compatible cargo systems, and a detailed examination of popular solutions such as TMAT systems, tool boxes, saddle boxes, cargo dividers, and Truck Vault's gooseneck option.

Common Issues with Hauling Cargo using Gooseneck Hitches:

Limited Bed Space Utilization:

One of the primary challenges of gooseneck hitches is their design, which can limit the usable bed space in your pickup truck. The hitch mechanism occupies a significant portion of the truck bed, leaving less room for cargo. This constraint requires creative solutions for effective cargo management.

Securement Concerns:

Cargo securement is a major concern when using gooseneck hitches. Traditional tie-down methods may be more difficult, which means your cargo may shift during transit. Finding a secure cargo management solution can help solve a major risk.

Compatibility Issues:

Gooseneck hitches vary in design and dimensions, leading to compatibility issues with standard cargo management systems. Truck owners like you often find it challenging to identify solutions that seamlessly integrate with their specific gooseneck hitch setup.

The Struggle to Find Compatible Cargo Management Systems:

There are various solutions for cargo management with your gooseneck hitch. However, not all systems address the unique challenges you face and you may find that one system is not right for you while another fits the bill perfectly. Let's dive into an examination of key cargo management solutions:

TMAT System:

The TMAT system is designed to provide customizable cargo securement for a variety of cargo types. The system is constructed of individual mats that snap together and lay in the bed of your truck. Because this solution is customizable in size, you are able to assemble it with space in the center for your gooseneck.

Tmat truck bed cargo management with gooseneck hitched

Once installed around your gooseneck hitch, the system is still fully functional, protects the bed of your truck, and blockers can be placed in a variety of configurations to secure cargo.

Tool Boxes:

Traditional tool boxes mounted on the bed rails can serve as a practical solution for securing smaller items. They are available in various sizes and materials, offering durability and weather resistance.

The challenge with tool boxes is their size. They typically cannot hold large cargo and may be have dividers internally that limit what you can place inside.

Saddle Boxes:

Saddle boxes are designed to fit over the bed's wheel wells, providing additional storage space without occupying the central bed area. While these boxes offer secure storage, their compatibility with gooseneck hitches depends on the specific dimensions of both the box and the hitch. Careful measurements and selection are crucial to ensuring a proper fit.

Similar to more traditional tool boxes, their size can be a restraint if you are trying to haul larger cargo.

Cargo Dividers:

Cargo dividers are adjustable partitions that allow you to create customized storage compartments within the truck bed. While they offer versatility in organizing cargo, their compatibility with gooseneck hitches depends on the design and adjustability of the divider. You should ensure that the chosen divider does not interfere with the hitch mechanism.

Truck Vault's Gooseneck Option:

Truck Vault offers a specialized gooseneck option. This system provides secure and organized storage within the truck bed. With lockable compartments and customizable configurations, Truck Vault's solution addresses both the spatial limitations and security concerns associated with gooseneck hitches.

This system is larger and may require customization, leading to a higher price tag.


Hauling cargo with a gooseneck hitch in a pickup truck presents unique challenges, including limited bed space, securement concerns, and compatibility issues with standard cargo management systems. To overcome these challenges, truck owners can explore various solutions such as the TMAT system, tool boxes, saddle boxes, cargo dividers, and the specialized gooseneck option offered by Truck Vault.

Ultimately, the choice of a cargo management system depends on your specific needs, the type of cargo you typically move, and the dimensions of your gooseneck hitch setup. Be sure to carefully evaluate each style to determine which is best for you.

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