Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take to assemble?

It depends on the size. A 4'x8' section can take less than 5 minutes.
View assembly instructions & watch video.

Are any tools required to assemble it?

No tools are required but a rubber mallet does make the job easier. Simply snap it together with the dove tail interlocks (similar to a jigsaw puzzle) and slide it into your vehicle.
View assembly instructions & watch video.

Do I have to make any modifications to my vehicle?

No. It just slides into place, no permanent modifications are required.
View assembly instructions & watch video.

How hard is it to remove from my vehicle?

It's very simple, it slides out just like a sheet of plywood, only lighter.

Can the mat be disassembled?

Yes, just slide the dovetails apart like they went together. Disassembles in about 30 seconds.

Can I move Tmat liners from one vehicle to another?

Yes, it can easily be moved from one vehicle to another. Vehicles of different sizes may require some disassembly and re-assembly.

If it gets dirty how do I clean it?

Pull it out of your vehicle and wash it down with a hose and mild soap.

How heavy is it?

Each panel weighs less than a pound. A 4'x4' section weighs about 15 pounds.

I use my truck to haul heavy skids. How much can the mat support?

The mat can support a large amount of weight as long as it is spread out over the surface area. Even though the blockers are durable, they may not hold overtly heavy or tall objects in place. Always use straps for tall or heavy objects, or where you would normally use straps without the use of Tmat.

Can I use Tmat as a truck bed slide?

Yes, Tmat is easy to move and slide, but they cannot hold weight without a supporting surface underneath. Never slide Tmat past your tailgate without proper support. Many customers choose to mount their Tmat to plywood or another suitable surface to ensure stability.

Can I put it in only half of the truck bed?

You can if you screw it down to a 3/4" piece of plywood that covers the whole bed of the truck.

Can the mat be used in the trunk of my car or in an enclosed trailer?

Sure. Measure the dimensions of the area that needs to be lined and order the appropriate tiles and trim and follow the standard installation procedures.


Can I drive my lawn tractor, four-wheeler, etc. on it?

Yes, driving over the mat will not damage it. We drive our trucks, cars, and even tractors over it all the time. Just make sure it is always supported by a solid surface underneath.

Can I screw it down to the wood floor in my trailer?

Yes, just screw it down through the middle of the X pattern.

Can Tmat be used with a gooseneck hitch in my truck bed?

Yes. You can install Tmat without the center tiles for gooseneck hitch access. If you rarely use your turnover ball, you could also install your full Tmat and simply slide it out when it's time to use your trailer.

Can you walk on the mat?

Absolutely, just no heeled shoes. You should also remove blockers first as they can be a tripping hazard.

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