Truck Bed Comparison: Tmat vs Rubber Truck Bed Mat

Securing Cargo: Slip Resistance

Most truck bed mats have a grippy surface that makes it difficult for cargo to slide across them. This works to keep lighter flat cargo in place. Rubber mats can loss their grip as they wear or become dirty.

Tmat has a smooth surface so it is easy to slide cargo across it, where cargo is then held in place with blockers. This means you can slide heavy cargo across the truck bed instead of consistently climbing into the bed to lift heavier items.

Securing Cargo: Cargo Blockers

The Tmat Cargo System incorporates plug-in cargo blockers as the primary method of securing tools and equipment. By not relying on friction with a mat surface, Tmat can organize more uniquely shaped cargo including pipes, posts, and wheeled storage.

Accessing Cargo: Sliding Cargo into Place

As previously stated, Tmat’s smooth surface makes it easy to slide cargo across. Often eliminating the need to retract your bed cover when accessing cargo.

Accessing Cargo: Sliding Tmat onto Your Tailgate

Tmat can be slid out onto your tailgate for easy access to loading and unloading cargo. Rubber mats cannot.


Most rubber mats are ordered to an exact fit to your truck bed and around your wheel wells. While Tmat can be custom installed for an exact fit around wheel wells, most installs do not circle the wheel wells and allowt Tmat to easily slide out onto the tailgate for easy access to cargo.

Custom Installs, Custom Accessories, & DIY

Tmat has been installed onto bed drawer systems such as Decked, truck bed slides, with swing-out bed cases, and many other truck bed configurations. Tmat has also been installed into cars, delivery vans, campers, trailers, and UTVs.

While Tmat offers multiple style cargo blockers, it also offers individual anchors that you install onto your own storage containers, mounts, or create custom blockers with. There are also customers who have 3d printed custom accessories for the system.

Spill Protection

Both Tmat and rubber mats offer spill protection for your truck bed.

Ease of Cleaning / Debris Removal

Sometimes you make a mess. Maybe it's a bag of concrete ripping open, loose gravel, or even wood chips. Tmat blockers also have a cavity in the feet so they will still push through and plug in over most debris. Still, cleaning Tmat is very similar to cleaning a standard truck bed. Without Tmat, you would unload your bed then sweep or power wash it. With Tmat,  you would unload your bed, slide Tmat out, then dump or power wash it.

Ease of Removal

Both Tmat and rubber mats can easily be removed. Tmat can be reassembled to fit other vehicles while rubber bed mats are an exact fit to the year make and model.


At $299, Tmat is more expensive while most imported truck bed mats can be found in the $120 to $140 range with made-in-American brands averaging $160 to $200.

Made in the USA

Tmat is proudly made in America. Some of the truck bed mat brands such as WeatherTech are made in America.

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