Truck Bed Dividers vs Tmat Cargo Management

Are you looking for a solution that can help you make the most of your truck bed? Truck bed dividers are a common solution that many use, but how do they compare to TMAT products?

In this article we’re going to take a look at some common comparison points to help you decide which product is right for you.

What is a Truck Bed Divider?

A pickup bed divider is a metal, netted, or plastic accessory that spans the width of your truck bed. Typically, these are held in place with tension or specialty hardware that connects to your truck or bed cover. They can usually be repositioned or removed if needed, though permanent options do exist.

Truck Bed Organizers: Dividers vs Tmat

Online, you can find many types of pickup bed dividers and organizers at various price points. Let’s see how these options compare to TMAT products on some basic comparison points.


Tmat is a simple solution that does not require tools to install, though a rubber mallet makes the assembly a little easier. The blockers insert wherever you need them on the mat.

Bed dividers come in a variety of options. Netted versions often connect using cargo securements points that already exist on your truck or may rely on a tensioning pole for support. Plastic and metal dividers may use tension or require specially installed hardware, screws, or another modification to install.


Most pickup bed dividers can be placed at multiple points in the bed of your truck. They will only secure horizontally across the bed and may need to go behind or in front of your wheel wells. Those designed for specific models may install over the wheel well. A well-placed divider can prevent cargo from shifting forward and back, but will not prevent side to side movement without tie-down straps or a tightly packed cargo area. Compatibility with your make and model of vehicle is very important when choosing.

Your Tmat system can be configured in whatever way you need! Once the mat is installed you can use multiple blockers to hold cargo in place. This can prevent front to back and side to side movement for whatever size or shape your cargo. Just remember, heavy or tall cargo still needs tie down straps. You also do not need to worry about buying a product that is compatible with your vehicle. With TMAT you measure the area and purchase what you need for the space. It can even be used with a gooseneck hitch!


Truck bed dividers range in cost depending on what you are getting. Netted options are cheapest, but offer the least support. Plastic and metal models for a specific make and model of truck are more expensive, especially if you want to purchase more than one. You can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $500 or more for each divider you need.

Tmat systems vary in cost, but you’ll never buy more than you need. You can purchase a system for short bed, standard, or long bed trucks for between $300 and $400. If you need a different size or configuration, you can buy the pieces you need at a competitive price.

Weight Limits

When we talk about weight limits, there are two that need to be considered: How much weight can the product support on it, and how much can it support during transportation to prevent shifting.

Tmat products can bear a tremendous amount of weight as long as it is spread out across the surface. You can walk on the mat, drive your four-wheeler or lawn mower onto it, and even haul heavy skids on it. The blockers are great for preventing movement, and should be paired with tie-down straps for tall or heavy items.

Pickup bed dividers have a wide range of weight limits. Always consult the manual from the manufacturer to understand how much weight it can prevent from shifting. It is not possible to haul your lawn mower, four-wheeler, or heavy skids with a bed divider installed. It would need to be removed to create adequate space.

System Weight

If you plan to remove or adjust your system regularly, it helps to know how much it weighs.

Obviously, netted systems will be the lightest and easiest to remove. Many other truck bed dividers weigh 30 pounds or more.

A Tmat system is lighter than a sheet of plywood when fully assembled and can easily be removed and stored.

Bed Cover Compatibility

TMAT systems can be used with most bed covers, including Tonneau covers. Since the system slides into your truck bed and uses blockers, there are no height restrictions to worry about.

Truck bed dividers may or may not be compatible with a truck bed cover. Some divider models are directly compatible with Tonneau covers, but many do not work because of the height of the product itself or its securement style. If you choose to select a truck bed divider, it is important to verify that it can work with a truck bed cover if you have or plan to buy one.


Pickup bed dividers are common and there are a wide variety to choose from online. With various price points and securement styles, there is a lot to look at and consider. TMAT systems are simple, competitively priced, and configurable to your needs.

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