Truck Bed Fitment Guarantee

When installing Tmat you should have less than a total of 2" (two inches) of spacing between the assembled mat and your truck bed walls, wheel wells, and tailgate. Often this means assembling your mat with the 12" × 2" strips running length-wise down the bed to ensure a proper fit between the wheel wells.

To ensure a proper fit, our truck bed kits include more 12" × 2" strips than are typically used. It is normal to have extra strips after assembly.

Please note that Tmat is typically installed between the wheel wells and not around the wheel wells. This allows for easy removal.


To request additional strips, use the form below, or contact us at

Please include:
1. Your Make, Model, Year & Bed Size
2. The number of additional strips that you need
3. Your order #


If extra strips are required to achieve a total spacing of less than 2 inches between Tmat and your truck bed walls, wheel wells, and tailgate, we will provide the necessary additional strips at no cost to customers who purchased the recommended kit from within 30 days of their purchase. Customers outside of the 48 Contiguous United States may be responsible for shipping, duties, or applicable tariffs.

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