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Tmat Adjustable Blockers (Case of 64)

Tmat Adjustable Blockers (Case of 64)

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Additional blockers are always a help if you have multiple items to hold in place. These adjustable blockers move forward to fit snug up against your items; no momentum equals no movement. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Tmat fit my vehicle?
Tmat consist of interlocking panels and strips and can be configured for almost any enclosed cargo area.
Use our vehicle finder or online calculator to determine how many panels you need.

Do I need to drill my vehicle?
No. Tmat can be installed in minutes by simply assembling the panels and sliding it in.

How do I clean Tmat?
Tmat can be cleaned with a blower, shop vac, or power washer.

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Length Min. 5.38 in 13.65 cm
Length Max. 7.38 in 18.73 cm
Width 3.25 in 8.26 cm
Height 2.13 in 5.4 cm
Weight 0.42 lb 0.19 kg
  • Height when inserted into Tmat
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